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DpictIT is very good at the Analysis of large data sets and it excels in the Automatization of most of your frequently reoccuring data processing steps.

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It means you could benefit. A lot.

Save time

Many reportings, prognosis and other office related work is still done manually. Doing this every day, week or month is usually not very inspiring work and on top of that it is a time consuming business. Save this time!

Save money

Using SAP or any other business software package? If you are in need of something that is not directly supported by the package you are working with you have to face large costs. Unless you use a workaround of course. . .

Gain insight

Some processes can be based on ingrained habits. Are you still 100% certain that all numbers on the charts you need are deducted from the right data? And are you still sure these figures actually provide what you want to know?

Possibilities? This should depict it.


Most experience untill now is gained while working for three different business units of the multinational company DSM. Numerous projects have been done for Food Specialties in Holland and USA, several different projects for Enhanced Plastics in the Holland and the Asia pacific region and one for Resins in Switzerland.

Projects involved e.g. the creation of key figure dashboards, automatic data retrieval, all kinds of reporting and processing tools, a pricing tool supporting pricing agents in their work, several SAP workarounds to process data externally and import the processed data back into SAP, etc.

Microsoft Office

Face it. It does not matter if you are a big or small company, your employee's most likely use Microsoft Office software. Of course, your data is usually stored in programs like SAP, BW, Every Angle or in some other CRM package. But for a lot of events such as the creation of reportings, presentations and other day to day work Ms Office is turns out to be an invaluable tool.

DpictIT excels in working with MS Office products, especially when it comes to the automatization of Excel based apps using smart, customizable macros. This approach garanteed efficient and fluent integration throughout an entire business.

Highly Customizable

DpictIT has a commitment to make life as easy as possible. Depending on the application you could choose for extra security, user friendlyness, input error prevention, etc.

Making life easyer also means that when a custom made solution has passed its developing stage it is still customizable. Does your SAP export change data sheet names once in a while? Do you want to add another quick graph from the available data? Not a problem

Even bigger adaptations you cannot do yourself can be done without introducing too many extra costs due to a modular buildup of the created products.

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